Frequently Asked Questions

Why should we book our trip with a travel advisor?

There are many benefits to booking your vacation with a travel advisor:  

- Save time and energy

First and foremost, we can save you time and energy in researching the necessary information for your trip. You can rest assured that we're booking with companies with whom we've built relationships, therefore we have confidence in the hotels, tours, activities, etc that we are booking on your behalf.

- We travel often

We often have first-hand experience traveling in the destinations that you're most interested in.  This enables us to offer insights and suggestions to help improve your experience. If we haven't yet traveled to the destination you've chosen, we are surrounded by colleagues and partners who have!

- Travel is an investment

Travel can be expensive. We want you to feel confident that your experience while traveling meets the investment that you've made.

- Personal preferences and unique itineraries

Every traveler has different preferences and different interests.  Large companies with set itineraries are unable to take your personal preferences into consideration.  The top-rated hotels and tours online may in fact offer a spectacular experience, but are the offering the spectacular experience that you're looking for? Not all options are good for everyone in every situation.

- You simply can't VIP yourself 

Are you planning a trip for a special occasion? A birthday, anniversary, retirement celebration? We'll be in touch with each hotel and tour operator throughout your trip to let them know about your special occasion.  You can't do this for yourself, but we can do it for you! 

- We can help when challenges arise

When traveling in a new place, challenges and unforeseen circumstances often arise. In fact, we expect them to, it's just the nature of travel.  When booking your vacation with a travel advisor, we're able to advocate for you in any circumstance that is less than satisfactory. 

Is it cheaper to book our travel with you?

- As travel advisors, our goal is to insure that your trip is unique, personalized, on-budget and stress free.  It may be possible that we have information about a special offer or promotion from one of our partners, but this offer is often available to the public as well.  Every once in awhile we'll have information that is not public, but this only happens in very special circumstances. 


- Rather than design a trip that is as inexpensive as possible, we focus on utilizing your investment to its fullest capacity.

It can be expensive to travel.  We want to be sure that you're getting the most out of your investment.  If we see an opportunity to save some money and use it in a better way, we'll let you know! Just as we'll let you know if we believe you can greatly improve an experience for only a small investment more.

- You'll often receive benefits when booking with us that aren't available to you otherwise.

We partners with many different hotels and tour operators. As part of that relationships, we're often able to offer breakfast, a welcome amenity, or a credit that can be used during your stay.  These benefits usually come at the same price that you'd book the experience for yourself.  

So...cheaper? Not necessarily. Added benefits? Most definitely!

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travel advisor undiscovered sunsets about services

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